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Simply the Best

Simply the Best

“Less is more” is probably the most useful dressing advice.
What is the most simple & practical item in mix & match?
Which fashion item will cost you less yet will help you channel your inner celeb?
Let’s see some street snap of celebrities to find answer:
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Tank top is a quite simple fashion item but it has been chosen by them to match it with Daisy Dukes, Shorts, Denim Skirt, Jeans, and Sweat Pants etc.

With appropriated accessories & bags, a chic street-style completed.

Celebrities may wore expensive, name brand tanks on these snaps, but no worries!

You can embrace the style within your budget for sure. Check out Musesonly’s best seller: On the Fly Tank.

The tank made up with 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex, Matte texture, soft and breathable fabric.

Most incredible, it is Nipple-Proof by detachable Build-in-Bra!

Here are some of our muses’ street-look snaps:

To have a tank like this, you even need not to worry about the limit of season and weather:

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Match the tank with denim jacket, blazers, boyfriend style, tomboy style in chill weather accomplished.

Look at the excellent example from our muse Emma:

We do remember we are a yoga apparel brand lol,

so of course we are nice choice to hit the gym or work out at home:

(credits to all the muses on the picture)

We have received countless compliment on the tank and most of our customers would like to get all the color of it.

(just small part of the 5 star reviews)


To get celebrity-like style, sometime you do not need expensive name brand or complicated mix and match, actually you could see from recent street snaps, they also pursue comfy and chic outfit with simply hairstyle, simply accessories.

A simply tank could help you looking good, feeling gorgeous in different occations.

Simply is the best.



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